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Luxury residences at RIVA to be delivered next season

Luxury residences at RIVA to be delivered next season

“Our owners will be moving in here next season,” predicts Riva developer Bradley Deckelbaum, “and then everyone else is going to discover what our crews already know: This is one of the prettiest waterfront sites in the entire city. It’s truly unique, and you can’t really appreciate that until you stand here.”

Stretching 400 feet along the broad and tranquil Middle River just north of Sunrise Boulevard bridge, Riva’s site faces the 15-acre George English Park – and nothing else.

“There is basically nothing but treetops between us and the ocean, less than a mile away,” notes Riva developer Bradley Deckelbaum. “I actually discovered the site about the only way you can – on a paddleboard.”

Once he sat down with his architect Jiro Yates of FSMY, they studied the long narrow two-acre site – 400 feet long and just over 100 feet wide – and suggested “the best shape we can fit here is a really nice 40-story condo tower, but we’d have to lay it on its side.”

“The more I thought about it, and the more we explored seriously the possibilities, the more we liked a horizontal design versus vertical,” says Deckelbaum.

“It’s actually an ingenious design,” adds Chad Moss, “that basically takes the same space as an ordinary 40-story tower. You still get 15 stories. You still get ocean views. The difference is that all the little boxes and long hallways are gone. These homes are big and wide, almost all of them have private elevators, and they have the largest balconies we’ve ever built in an upscale condo. And no typical condo tower would have a 400 foot boardwalk on the water, with all these boat slips.”

“If there is a condo boom associated with Ft. Lauderdale’s surging growth,” notes Deckelbaum, “it’s fair to say that Riva led the way. Personally I think there was simply a pent-up demand for the large, luxurious in-town condos a lot of people with big homes out west were waiting for. Riva was the first – and we think is still the best – to offer that choice. The fact that our 100 residences are selling for an average price of over $1 million tells us that we tapped a market of owners and users – not the speculators who drove Miami’s boom.”

Taken from: “RIVA Rises On The River: Waterfront Homes Ready Next Season.” Sun-Sentinel.com. Web. 19 Nov. 2015.