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New Proposal to Revamp North Beach Village

New Proposal to Revamp North Beach Village

Located between Fort Lauderdale’s Bonnet House Estate and Starwood’s W Hotel is a stretch of low-rise buildings, known as North Beach Village, begging for a re-birth.

Built for an era when almost everyone drove to Florida in a car and expected to park at their door, these hotels and inns at North Beach Village fell out of favor as the glamorous new hotels rose on the beach. Many suffered from decades of ‘deferred maintenance’ and the city added insult to injury installing poorly planned medians and ever more parking.

In its February 2012 issue, Tropic Magazine challenged 5 design teams to reimagine this area. These groups, one from Miami one from Coral Gables and three from Fort Lauderdale, have spent time thinking about landscape, paving and the connection of this walkable neighborhood to its biggest attractions: the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway to create a sustained coastal destination.

North Beach Village is a place where environmental, economic, and social implications are equally considered to bring vitality back to the streets of Breakers, Terramar, VistaMar, and Windamar.

To have deatailed information about the 5 different proposals, that go from building a Canopy to implementing new landscapes, visit Tropic Magazine.


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