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Wynwood is recognized as an entertainment hub, featuring a variety of attractions including artwork, eateries, breweries, boutiques, and dance halls, among other shopping options. Once an industrial zone, the area is now famed for the murals that adorn the facades of numerous buildings and many of the sidewalks. Situated north of Downtown Miami and Overtown, and next to Edgewater, Wynwood has undergone a significant transformation. The Wynwood Art District, a subsection of Wynwood, hosts galleries, outdoor murals, and private art collections. This district is centered around Wynwood Walls, a project envisioned by the late urban developer Tony Goldman in 2009. His concept was to rejuvenate the neighborhood by converting warehouses into art pieces. The district is home to numerous art galleries, artist studios, and fashion wholesalers, with the art and fashion sectors serving as the primary economic drivers of Wynwood.