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Fewer New Developments in Miami and Fewer inventory by 2020!

April 12, 2019

There are several reasons to buy a condo in South Florida this year, either as an investment or as a private residence. Since 2018, the real estate market has been experiencing a c...

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What is the Miami Sea Level Rise Plan?

March 15, 2019

The question arises in connection with the calls made about sea level rise and the alarms that ignite every time a hurricane passes near its shores. The floods and devastation that...

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Miami is now safer than ever

March 14, 2019

It is the best news for investors and for families who want to buy a condo in this spectacular city, always radiant and cheerful. The crime rates in Miami have fallen to levels of ...

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Top 5 Miami Beach Condos in 2019

February 1, 2019

Based on a deep research of our team and current market conditions, the following article explains which are the top 5 opportunities in residential living in Miami Beach, excluding...

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