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Analysis of “Biscayne Line”: The future Baywalk of Edgewater

by Gaston Laugé - September 10, 2014
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Analysis of  "Biscayne Line": The future Baywalk of Edgewater

The Related group is campaigning for the creation of a pedestrian baywalk that would include the coast of Biscayne Bay through Edgewater. The Great Hall called Biscayne Line include trees, benches,art, parks and would be a completely public destination that imply a breakthrough in urban development and accessibility of pedestrians around the neighborhood.
A study commissioned to Arquitectonica trace current Waterfront conditions suggesting areas where it would be easier to implement the development and other areas representing more difficulty.
The Biscayne Line would branch from the two parks that are already being built in the area: Icon Bay Park and Paraiso Park and would cover the entire front of the bay from the Arbert Pallot Park to the Museum Park.
Arquitectonica analysis shows that a significant part of the future Biscayne Line already exists or is being built. It also shows that in the southern quadrant of Edgewater, larger properties make its implementation easier and at the northern quadrant is where the situation becomes more complex but is fortunately where The Related Group and other large developers are having an impact.




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