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Muse Residences: Deepak Chopra designs healthy houses to improve your wellness!

by leidymar - February 02, 2017
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Muse Residences: Deepak Chopra designs healthy houses to improve your wellness!

When it comes to health, we sometimes forget that architecture and design of the place we live in, have a lot of influence in our physical and emotional daily performance. Knowing this, Property Markets Group with the help of S2 Developments, have implemented an unique project between the high range of Miami condos for sale and rent: Muse Residences.

Prepared to offer the best of Sunny Isles Beach, Muse Residences can be described as a residential concept where health and harmony play a very important role. One of the most important eastern medicine’s representative, Deepak Chopra, along with Delos Company, are in charge of include this design’s essence into 7 condos of Muse Residences. They add details that are commonly taken for granted, but make a great difference to our lives, introducing “Wellness House” concept to Miami Residential Real Estate.

Some of the amenities included in this masterpiece are:

  • Air purification System.
  • Water filtration System.
  • Circadian Illumination that calibrates light intensity to resemble natural day and night cycle, promoting the generation of positive energy, necessary to maintain an excellent health.

This project of 50 levels and 68 units will be completed by fall 2018. Is going to delight all of their residents with magnificent ocean views to join and complement the healthy design involved. Of course, it will have amenities like pools in front of the sea, security and valet 24 hours, high technology accessories as well as first quality components.

Renowned Uruguayan urban planner and architect, Carlos Ott, is responsible for giving life and meaning to Muse Residences.  He has performed an important role in Miami Residential Real Estate, designing other buildings like Jade Beach, Jade Ocean, Echo Aventura and Echo Brickell. With his personal firm established in 1983, Carlos Ott has managed to transcend the rest of the continents along with his team of designers, architects and support. Creating buildings that have quality and functionality as a distinctive stamp.  

Muse Residence is not the exception, its innovator wellness essence has captured the attention in the market to the point that units of 2 bedrooms have been already sold out slot mashines, leaving only 18 condos for sale, among which may be your perfect opportunity to invest in Miami and discover all its attractions!. 


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