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Natiivo Miami is the new luxury building with the AirBnb brand

by Gastón Laugé - July 02, 2019
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Natiivo Miami is the new luxury building with the AirBnb brand

Natiivo Miami is the latest residential and hotel development in Downtown Miami, a luxury resort that is boosted in this case by the famous AirBnB system, the giant of private apartment reservations that competes with the largest hotel chains worldwide.

Natiivo will be a condominium where you can spend your holidays or any other time of the year in Miami, but at the same time you will have the opportunity to rent it per night the rest of the time and make money. The complex will have 200 hotel rooms at the podium level, as well as 412 fully furnished luxury condominiums.

The building will provide concierge service, valet parking, smart technology, restaurant, bar and grill, cabins, WeWork style shared work space, gym, spa and yoga room. The apartments will be fully furnished with a modern and contemporary style with ceilings up to 3.3 meters high, European style cabinets, central air in configurations of studios and up to 3 rooms with private balconies.

This project, which will be developed in front of the iconic Freedom Tower and the American Airlines Arena, will allow its owners to house the condos with AirBnB, without being subject to leases or restrictions of any kind, as in most other luxury residential buildings where you can only rent 2 or 3 times a year.

The benefits that the project offers due to its flexibility in the way of renting and the control that the owners have over their property is a big attraction. Generally, luxury condominiums generate maintenance costs without returns and only gains with surplus value, however here the properties work for their owners.

The owners of the units will have the right to sublet the condos through AirBnB or any other platform. The building is a condominium but will have a hotel license. This is an important difference in respect to other properties that are offered in the city and have restrictions for rent, as is especially the case in Miami Beach.

To avoid any inconvenience in the future with the rental rules of the city, the developer has planned the construction of the condominium units with a building code similar to that of the rooms of a hotel. Since the building codes of hotels and residences must meet different requirements.

This way the owners of the condominiums are guaranteed their capital returns in the future, because their units will be generating profits permanently and safely.

Excellent location

Natiivo Miami will be located in the heart of the new Miami World Center, exactly in the Freedom Tower subway station, which will allow trips to guests and owners from downtown to Brickell financial district for free. In addition, guests can comfortably walk through downtown and have excellent shopping options, restaurants, and soon, the Virgin Train that will transport them to Orlando.

Another transportation method available is the Metro Rail, which is only a 10 minute walk (0.6 miles to the southwest). If you take the train, guests can go to South Dadeland or also to Miami International Airport.

Other developments in the planning and construction phase right now in the same area, which contribute to value for Natiivo are, among others: Waldorf Astoria, Yotel Pad, Paramount Miami World Center, Downtown 5th, Okan Tower and the Signature Bridge, Making the potential for revaluation of your property virtually guaranteed.

Tourism in Miami

Miami’s hotel and tourism development statistics are simply impressive. According to the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, the travel and tourism sector is the most important industry in all of Miami-Dade County, since last year Miami’s night visitors increased by 3.5%, that is, 600 thousand more than in 2017. Due to the growth of 4.1% of the international market, Miami attracted a record 16.5 million night visitors in 2018. Miami Beach is among the most visited areas by the city’s guests per night with 44%, followed very close to Downtown with 42%, where this residential – hotel project will be located.

In relation to the occupancy and the average nightly rates for downtown Miami, the numbers favor investment. In the last two years, occupancy has never been below 80%; In other words, the rooms are kept occupied 24 out of 30 days each month.

Downtown Miami has about 8,000 hotel rooms available and Miami Beach approximately 20,000 rooms. This indicates that competition is minor. It is true that Miami Beach is the neighborhood with more visits, but the city center also attracts a large number of visitors every day for its spectacular diversity and especially for the development of Brickell and its new luxurious Mall.

Natiivo Miami will begin its construction in a not too distant time and this is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the pre-sale prices that the development offers.

If you wish to invest in this project or in any other real estate property in Miami, please contact any of our Miami Residential Group real estate agents, they can help you get what you want and answer all your concerns about the most profitable and Luxurious condos in the city.


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