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The Pritzker Prize, every day closer to Miami!

by Gastón Laugé - January 06, 2017
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The Pritzker Prize, every day closer to Miami!

When it comes to Architecture, there is countless talent who work day by day to print a personal stamp on their amazing works. The Pritzker Prize it’s considered the most prestigious award that can join the trajectory of an architect. It’s awarded since 1979 by Hyatt’s Foundation, as an initiative of Pritzker Family. They are originally from Chicago and own the famous Hyatt Hotel Chain, which is everyday increasing their investments here in South Florida.

Talent, vision and commitment are some of the qualities that The Pritzker Prize takes in count to honor a living architect every year during spring. Over the last decades many winners of this award have chosen Miami as the best place to express their creativity and materialize their majestic buildings.

Extravagance, opportunities and natural beauties describe Miami as the perfect destiny to establish your business and home. Beyond all of that, Miami has become nowadays one of the most important cities for architecture and design, getting closer in this sense to places like Hong Kong, Chicago and New York.

There is no doubt that architecture has a great impact on human behavior. In case of Miami, has made it possible to discover and take advantage of all the potential it has as a city. Currently it’s the best moment to invest and live in this place that grows every day in town planning, innovation and culture.

This progress has been driven by main real money slots usa architects all over the world, specially seven former winners of The Pritzker Prize, who have seen in Miami the perfect canvas to realize their work. At the same time, they are helping to transform neighborhoods in Sub-Residential Miami like “Coconut Grove” and “Downtown” into luxurious cities with a futuristic touch, which capture even more the attention of people to make life and work in South Florida.

To mention some of the brilliant Pritzker Prize winners who have contributed Miami’s growth we have:

1000-museum11000 Museumsurf-clubThe Surf Club https://miamiresidential.com/miami-condo/coconut-grove/park-grovePark Grove


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