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Will Miami Real Estate prices go down?

by Gastón Laugé - April 08, 2023
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Will Miami Real Estate prices go down?

Is it still a good time to buy?

Here is our vision for this year:

The Miami Real Estate Market, unlike the rest of the world, continues to be in an excellent moment… with great local demand, within our country, especially from places like New York or California as well as from the rest of the world, especially Latin America and Europe.

We are in a bubble and we think the Miami real estate market is going to crash?

Definitely not, although world conflicts, the bank crisis, inflation and high interest rates do not help, our city is experiencing a completely different situation from the rest of the country…

We are experiencing high office occupancy, which is why new buildings such as One Brickell City Center will be going up soon, we have very low unemployment rate, and we continue to be an excellent tourist spot for the entire world, with constant events and a unique weather as in few cities in the planet.

Remember, the good thing about Miami is that it is close to the United States…

Both at the tourist level as we mentioned, as well as investment, business development or simply as a place to have a better quality of life, South Florida continues to have very little inventory of condos and houses, a factor that helps us think that prices, they will not go down in the short term.

DDemand remains high, especially for large condo units

We currently have very few options in condo apartments with 2 or 3 bedrooms or more in the best areas of Miami for sale, such as Brickell, Downtown, and the Beaches, and we will not have new buildings built in the next few years… since in the In the short term we will only have Aston Martin Residences and Missoni Baia Edgewater to deliver in the coming months.

This new construction cycle of which we are still a part, began in 2020, so the new buildings that we promote will be ready from 2025…

Contact us for more information, inventory is still very limited and we still have a list of amazing opportunities to offer you.


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