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Skyrise Miami gets voter Approval

by Gaston Laugé - September 03, 2014
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Skyrise Miami gets voter Approval
On Tuesday, voters gave the green light to Skyrise Miami, the mega observation and entertainment tower to be built in Downtown by developer Jeff Berkowitz, who is also responsible for the famous Bayside Shopping Centre.
Despite all the criticism that the project has received due to its Bobby Pin design Skyrise developers promise that will be the only tourist attraction in Miami that will be compared to international destinations like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Tokyo skytree or the CN Tower in Toronto, offering a restaurant, nightclub, flight simulator, amphitheater, bungee jumping, three observatories and high-speed roller coaster with 50-story fall.
The tower would be completed in 2018 and would rise not only 1000 feet of frontage but also the reputation of Miami among class cities in the world, making it the second tallest tower in the United States, after the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas with 1,148 feet.
It will be just steps away from other important destinations such as the American Airlines Arena, The Science Museum and the Perez Museum and plans to create 7,100 new jobs during its development and 17,000 new jobs after opening.




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