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Miami River

The Miami River is not only a historic river in operation but also serves to enrich the lifestyle of residents around the metropolitan area.

Just 10 minutes away from South Beach, the Miami River District offers easy access to attractions like the Sewell Park, the shops at Marlins Park, Marlins Stadium, among others.

The earliest known inhabitants of the area around the Miami River were Tequestas. Its main town at the time of first European contact was on the north bank of the river, near the mouth.
Before the intensive development of Miami in the twentieth century, mounds built by the Tequesta were along the river. Spanish missions were briefly set along the river, in 1567-1570 and in 1743, but the area was abandoned when Spain gave Florida to Britain in 1765.

The area around the River attracted settlers in the nineteenth century and in 1856 the US Army tried to dig a channel in the sandbar during the Seminole wars but was stopped when it was decided that the military base Fort Dallas would not be permanent.

In the early 2000's two projects of urban greenways were initiated: Miami Riverwalk and Miami Greenway.